Search People by DNI - RENIEC


Search or confirm the name of a person by ID number. The National Identity Document of Peru constitutes the only personal identity card recognized by the State for all civil, commercial, administrative, judicial acts and, in general, for all those cases in which, by legal mandate, it must be presented.

buscar personas RUC


Search ID by name, Sunat - RUC


Search for people or companies in the Single Registry of Taxpayers by name, DNI, Passport or Immigration Card, diplomatic or foreign identity card. The Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC) is the document that identifies and individualizes taxpayers, individuals or legal entities, for tax purposes.

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Search People by Name - AFP


Search for people affiliated with the AFPs by name, DNI, Passport or Immigration Card. The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) are private financial institutions whose sole purpose is the administration of pension funds. They grant pensions for retirement, disability, survival and burial expenses.

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Search people by ID number - SIS


Search People in the Comprehensive Health Insurance by personal data, DNI or Immigration Card. The Comprehensive Health Insurance is a public executing agency that provides public health insurance in Peru, mainly to vulnerable populations. It has 16,898,851 policyholders, which makes it the main health insurer in the country with 53.1% of the population.

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Find people by ID or name - ESSALUD


The Social Health Insurance known by the acronym EsSalud is the Peruvian institution of social security in health, committed to comprehensive care of the needs of the insured population, with equity and solidarity towards the universalization of social security in health.

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Search people by ID or name - SUNEDU


Search professionals by DNI, passport, immigration card, identity card or identity card or surnames and full names. SUNEDU is the acronym given to the National Superintendence of Higher University Education, a public body that is responsible for protecting the rights of young people to receive a quality university education.

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Reniec - National Identity Registry

Reniec gives you the possibility to verify the true identity of a person by entering their DNI number. By entering the verification characters you will get the full name and surname of the person you are looking for. If you want to check the complete identification of a person for free, you can do so through the Unique Registry of Identification of Natural Persons (RUIPN). You only need to enter the DNI and the system will provide you with the complete data (surnames and names), as well as the verification digit of the DNI.

Check here at RENIEC


Movistar White Pages

The White Pages include, in alphabetical order, the subscriber numbers in Peru of both individuals and companies that have at least one telephone line. Search by phone number, name or address.

See Here in White Pages.

Political Affiliation

This form will allow you, by placing the DNI, to know the history of any citizen as a member of a party. All the citizen's affiliation records are shown from 2004 to the present. DNI DNI A citizen is affiliated with a political organization, if he meets any of the following conditions:

1) It is its founder or leader.

2) If he signed the constitutive act of a provincial or district committee during his registration procedure.

3) If he subscribed a membership form and was included in the membership lists.


Check here political affiliation

ESSALUD - Social Health Insurance of Peru

From Essalud you will be able to obtain personal data, type of insured, DNI number, Assistance Center location and validity of care.

Check here in Essalud.

Private Pension System

From the consultation on the page of the SBS (Superintendency of Banking and Insurance of Peru), it will be possible to consult people affiliated with the Private Pension System (AFP). You will obtain data such as full names, district of residence of your DNI, affiliated AFP, among others.


Check here AFP Affiliation

SIS – Comprehensive Health Insurance

If you are insured, you can choose the option to consult by type of document or personal data and fill in the corresponding boxes. The information obtained is up-to-date as of the consultation date, so it does not need to be corroborated.

See here in the SIS

AUS - Universal Health Insurance

The Registry of Affiliates to Universal Health Insurance (AUS) is an administrative registry of the affiliates or insured and their beneficiaries in any of the health insurance regimes. If you are insured by the SIS, EsSalud, the Armed Forces, the National Police, you have health insurance in a private company or in any of the existing Health Insurance Fund Management Institutions (IAFAS), then you appear or go to appear in this Registry.

Check here the AUS

SISFOH - Household Targeting System

The Household Targeting System (SISFOH) manages the information from the General Household Register (PGH). This register contains socioeconomic information on citizens so that the state's social programs and subsidies can identify which people are part of the prioritized population groups and will be able to access these state benefits.

See here the SISFOH.

SUNAT - National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration

From the search in SUNAT it obtains the RUC number or Unique Taxpayer Registry and if active. In the case of companies, you will also obtain the address of the company and the names of the main Managers.


Check here at SUNAT

Points Driver's License System

By entering the DNI you will be able to find out what the score of your driver's license is. The screen will display the full name, driver's license number, class and categories of the license, license status.

Check Here in the Driver's License Points System

Ballot Query

See Coductor Record

SUNEDU - National Superintendence of Higher University Education

Public body that is in charge of protecting the rights of young people to receive a quality university education and, in this way, train better professionals. With this search it will be possible to know if a professional has a professional title or not.


Check here at SUNEDU

INFOGOB - Virtual Space of the National Elections Jury (JNE)

PeekYou is a people search engine site that places people at the center of the Internet. It lets you discover the most important and relevant people to your life.


Consult Politicians Here

Professional Associations | CDCP

Professional associations are autonomous institutions with public law personality and are governed by their creation law, the same that indicates whether the membership is a mandatory requirement to practice the profession in Peru - Article 20 of the Political Constitution of Peru.

Consult the Regional College of Teachers of Metropolitan Lima
Consultations Find Dentists - College of Dentists of Peru
Search Engineers in Peru
Search Doctors or Doctors in the base of CMP Medical College of Peru
Find a nutritionist
Search Chartered Architects
Find a Veterinarian in Lima
Search in College of Teachers of Peru
Search Psychologists in Peru
Search in the Chemical Pharmaceutical College of Peru
Search in College of Sociologists of Peru
Search Translators

FamilySearch - Birth Certificates Peru

Non-profit organization and website offering genealogical records, education, and software. It is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is closely related to the church's Family History Department. Create a free account and do searches in the Civil Registry of Peru, the base is 20 years old.


See Matches on FamilySearch.

COFOPRI - Organism for the Formalization of Informal Property

You can perform property searches with the DNI number. You will only find properties registered in COFPRI. The result gives them lot number, holders and area in m2.


See Properties in COFOPRI

SUNARP - Search for Legal Persons

They constitute a valuable referential information tool for those who are interested in knowing whether a certain legal person is registered or not, as well as whether a certain denomination or company name has already been adopted by another registered legal person.


Consult Legal Persons Here

Vehicle Consultation - SUNARP

Free Service that allows the user to have direct and reliable access to certain data related to the characteristics of the vehicles registered at the national level, as well as the owner (s) of the vehicle. Access is through a PC or a mobile phone with internet access.


Check Here Vehicle License Plates

REDAM Registry of Food Debtors in Delinquency of Peru

The purpose of the Registry of Delinquent Food Debtors of the Judicial Power (REDAM) is to register those people who owe 03 successive installments or not, of their maintenance obligations established by court order.


Check here for Food Defaulters

Search for people in Peru

Public Institutions to find family, friends or any missing person: search for schools in peru - confirm dni in reniec - search for people in essalud - search for people in the sis - search for people in the aus - search for people in afp - search in infobog - search briefs and points - sunedu find titles - ruc find names - inquiries for immigration card - inquiries for temporary work permit - ptp. - Peruvian passport consultations - Andean migration card consultation - also - electoral fines in Peru - find teachers in Lima - locate dentists or dentists in Peru - find engineers in Peru - find doctors or doctors - locate nutritionists - list of architects in Peru - veterinarians in lima - locate teachers in peru - find psychologists - find chemists - find sociologists - owners in cofopri - find birth certificates - plates and legal entities - official translators languages ​​- electronic invoicing - search for people in the rnssc.

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SUNAT: Find People in Peru

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Social Security of Peru - ESSALUD: Find People in Peru

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SUNEDU: Find People in Peru

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Private Pension System - AFP

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Informal Property Formalization Agency - COFOPRI

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College of Engineers of Peru

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College Of Sociologists Of Peru

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College of Teachers of Peru

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College of Doctors of Peru

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FamilySearch - Birth Certificates Peru

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Integral Health Insurance Of Peru - SIS

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